The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence

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Starts: 06/20/17 8:00 am
Ends: 06/21/17 12:00 pm

Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Power Partners, Inc.
200 Newton Bridge Athens
Athens, GA 30607

The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence—

How to Achieve and Sustain Excellence  (1.5 Days)

June 20-21, 2017 | Athens, GA

Who Should Attend

This class is recommended for Vice Presidents of Manufacturing, Operations and Engineering; Plant Managers, Plant Staff-level Managers, e.g. Production, Engineering, Quality, Materials/Production Control, Maintenance, HR, Plant Controllers;  Supervisors of all plant functions, or any other salaried associates who seek a better understanding of manufacturing excellence and their role in making it happen. Hourly Associates are always welcome.

Course Description

This interactive workshop is 1.5 days of focus on The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence.  Each principle is addressed in detail and demonstrates how plants evolve from Stage 1 or Stage 2 plants, i.e. very traditional, under-performing manufacturing plants, as they transition into Stage 3 and, ultimately, Stage 4 plants that are globally competitive, delivering world-class results and doing it with a fully engaged workforce. It is a proven, auditable process in both union and non-union plants that has yielded numerous award winning operations as well as saved other plants from closure all across North America.  In addition to the detailed review of the 12 Principles and the Manufacturing Excellence Audit  (MEA, measures the 12 principles and places each one into Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4), there is a deep dive into the roles that each manager on the plant team plays in helping excellence to become the new reality.

With the 12 Manufacturing Principles as the path to excellence, Lean and Six Sigma tools are fundamental to not only achieving excellence but also getting to root cause and using standard work to sustain excellence for the long haul. Creating the necessary infrastructure with systems, training, maintenance and communications is also essential. Finally, the outcome of the process will be a changed culture which is essential for any plant/enterprise that is serious about sustaining excellence. Along the way participants will develop a better understanding of how the Plant Manager and his/her team make it all happen.

The final exercise will include breakout sessions followed by report outs and a comprehensive discussion of what the culture will look like in a Stage 4 plant. Participants will envision how both salaried and hourly associates are going about their work and interacting in a culture of OLPC, Operator-Led Process Control©.

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Participant Benefits

Understand the 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence and your role in helping to achieve and sustain excellence.   Learn how to sustain excellence using Lean and Six Sigma tools and the Manufacturing Excellence Audit (MEA) to create the necessary infrastructure that includes authorized formal systems/standard work, training, communications and PM that supports sustaining world-class performance.  The MEA is the process used to manage the process of continuous improvement!  Learn how execution of the 12 Principles, through the 4 stages, results in world-class performance and creates the necessary culture change to sustain.  The process requires participation from company leaders to the shop floor and the resulting culture is a highly engaged work force—OLPC, Operator-Led Process Control©. 

Workshop Leader:                   

Larry E. Fast is a 35 year veteran in wire and cable manufacturing and led CI transformations in two companies.  At General Cable (GCC) as the SVP of Operations, he launched the strategy to achieve and sustain excellence in 1999.  The journey is now in its 18th year of continuous improvement.   Over that span, GCC plants have won more than 30 Industry Week “Best Plants” Finalist awards and have celebrated 12 “Best Plants” winners. 

His first book, The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence--A Leader’s Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence, was published in 2011 as a Productivity Press book and was a best seller in its category. The Second Edition of The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence--A Lean Leaders Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence was published in September, 2015.


Fast holds a BS degree in Management from Indiana University and graduated from leadership programs at Earlham College and the Harvard Business School.  He is currently an AME Director and VP of Programs in the SE Region and a judge for IW Best Plants.  He also writes for the IW Magazine’s “Ask the Expert—Lean Leadership” feature and a London based publication, Insights, "The FAST Lane to Excellence".




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